Poems of Horror

In 2014 30 years have passed since the UN Convention Against Torture, that established rules to stop torture all over the world, signed by 155 countries. However, looking back we see that torture still exists and is flourishing in some parts of the world.
For this reason, Amnesty International asked us to develop a campaign to raise awareness to this issue and make people act against torture together with them, either by signing their petitions about specific cases or volunteering in one of many Amnesty Actions.

How to get people to act against torture? When images are too much in-your-face people will turn away. When your work is too subtle people will ignore you. Our ‚poems of horror‘ campaign did the trick. With poems on simply designed posters that would release all the horrible images inside of your head instead of displaying them in the streets.

The campaign ran all over the country in several formats and is shared on social media by regular people every day, still today.


"Electric shocks. Beatings. Rape. Humiliation. Mock executions. Burning. Sleep deprivation. Water torture. Long hours in contorted positions. Use of pincers, drugs, and dogs. The very words sound like the stuff of nightmares. But every day and across every region of the world, these unimaginable horrors are the reality for countless men, women and children."

Salil Shetty, Secretary General, Amnesty International


Stop Torture Pop-up Store

With the Poems of Horror campaign already spread all over the country we were asked to help Amnesty International create a Pop-Up store in Berlin where they could connect directly with the people who want to help them and know more about the use of torture in the world.

The shop was a success, with an exhibition about torture in the world, talks and documentary film exhibitions every day and even a completely dark room where people could sit and hear our "poems of horror" being read, making this a very emotional experience. It grabbed the attention of several national and international media channels.

The goal number of petition signatures was reached very fast, helping Amnesty International go one step further on their fight against torture.


Small promotional film about the Stop Torture Shop. (In German language. © Amnesty International)