Champions League - FC Bayern

Victory often appears bigger when you acknowledge former defeats. The Champions League 2011/2012 edition ended with a painful defeat for FC Bayern against Chelsea FC, where the German team was beaten only on penalty shoot-outs. 

Exactly one year after, FC Bayern met Dortmund to fight for the final again, beating them and winning the trophy.

This tactical ad celebrates the victory, starting with the story of the defeat of the previous season and showing the journey from hell to heaven on a single picture.

"Twelve months. One moment. Everything changed."


Eventhough it was one of the most shared visuals on the night of the final, supporters and fan clubs have used the visual since then to support the team and Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Surprisingly, Schweinsteiger's brother, also a football player, tattooed the visual on his skin, giving it a value that goes beyond advertising.